Personnel question (recruiting) using our official site

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Our official website of the employment of the population is a modified electronic database

vacancies (work proposals) and resume from workers (specialists).

The personnel issue (recruiting) with the help of our official site is resolved as soon as possible.

Work search is available in the form of an extended request for a vacancies database

Given the street, cities (region, countries), areas of activity, salary levels, etc.D.

Add a vacancy or fill out a resume – this is completely free!

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Look for a job on vacancies or find a resume personnel – this is also free!

Employment-Service.Ru – Employment Service – a site intended for free publication by resumes of work and vacancies with direct employers indicating the field of activity, region of place of work, desired level of earnings, working conditions. Our multi -regional electronic employment service will help you find a job to any unemployed or a person who wants to change their place of work to a more attractive. Our electronic portal of the employment service will help any employer to choose personnel, solve the problem of selecting a frame for vacant places in the company (organization, company). Detailed search capabilities of this site of employment of the employment service allow you to find an employee (employee) to the employer and a new place of work to the job seeker. With this web Pin Up Casino site site for employment of the employment service, thousands are looking for work, use our services and you!

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